How to select the right eye glasses

How to select the right eye glasses

Many of us experience myopia or hyperopia or astigmatism or presbyopia. The days that you don’t wear your contact lenses, the selection of eyeglasses play a huge role in your life!

However, eye glasses do not just solve your eye sight issues, but if you make the right choice, they can create your personal style and bring out elements of your personality.

A lot of you mistakenly choose eye glasses with the same criteria that they choose sun glasses. When it comes to sunglasses, however, it is essential that the frame be larger than the face to provide the best protection from the sun. But the same does not apply to eyeglasses. Here are some tips to create your personal, unique style!


Which shape should you prefer?

When it comes to eyeglasses, we suggest you emphasize the contrast! In case your face is round, do choose a frame with angles. If you have angles and your characteristics are particularly strong, you should prefer to have a round frame.

Which color suits you?

 The right color in the preference of your glasses will help and accentuate your characteristics!

Brown hair with green or honey or gray-blue eyes
Gold, copper and bronze are ideal. Try the light-colored version of the tortoiseshell. Camel, khaki and navy blue also suit you.

Dark hair with blue or green eyes.
Metal frame. If you prefer bone glasses, choose purple, cocoa, emerald green or gold.

Black hair with brown eyes.
Blue-green, brown and khaki are the perfect colors.

Blonde hair with gray or blue eyes.
Silver and gray are ideal however chocolate blends also go beautifully with your face.

Blonde hair with green or honey eyes.
Gold and chocolate are meant for you.

Red hair with blue-green or honey eyes.
The color of bronze and green or khaki.


Which shape suits you?

Round face
Wide cuticle, round chin, cheekbones.
There is a proportion in the face, the lenses should not have depth and the appropriate frames are those that have a slight upward movement in the corners, to come in perfect balance with the round face.

Square face
Wide forehead and horizontal chin.
The frames that add finess to this face are the round and the oval ones. If you like rectangular frames, choose the ones with not so sharp angles.

Oval face
"Classic and easy."
Its main characteristic is a slightly curved jaw on the forehead. Those who have such a face shape fit the vast majority of eyeglasses.

Rhombus shaped face
Particular cheekbones. The frames that will properly project your uniqueness are considered those that are wider than your cheekbones.

Heart shaped face
Small chin in relation to the high cheekbones.
Emphasize the following point, the frames to bring in a balance and harmony the length and width of your face.


We hope that with our styling tips you will be able not only to find the frames that will help you rest your eyes, but will also make you smile each time you look yourself in the mirror!

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