Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy
We are a proud member of GrandVision, a leading international network providing optical services and products in more than 40 countries through more than 6.000 showrooms.Our mission is to provide high quality, effective optical solutions and services based on scientific expertise and technological know-how οn a wide range of prescription glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and accessories.
Turning our mission into reality for each customer is a daily task we take pride in fulfilling effectively. We are driven by one purpose: to care for your vision, with the utmost commitment, quality, service and best prices. Coupled with a unique approach combining exemplary customer service and personalised consultation by a team of experts, you can rest assured you will make the right choice in sunglasses, prescription glasses and contact lenses.


The cornerstones of our philosophy:

“Making daily life easier for everyone and making this possible in prices that are inclusive”

“Passion is our excellence driving force”

“Science is at the heart of our philosophy and this is why we always stay up to date with the latest knowledge”

“We consider clients first”

“We suggest the best solution “We do what is right”

“We offer immediate and high quality results”