Why We Are Different

Why We Are Different

Our daily life at GrandOptical begins and ends with one mission: to take care of your eyesight, by staying committed to our values:

  • Quality

  • Service

  • Health

  • Affordable prices

We bring innovation to the Greek market, by offering a complete collection of vision frames, contact lenses and accessories that are manufactured and are made available exclusively at GrandOptical stores. In our stores, we use our international experience and the global presence of our company, to provide an unparalleled variety of vision frames in original designs by renowned designers, with top quality features at very affordable prices.


Additionally, leading pharmaceutical companies supply us with a range of lenses and iWear cleaning fluids so that we can guarantee the safety of your eyes and the quality of your vision. And all this is brought to you at unique pricing.


In every GrandOptical store, specialized and properly trained employees will welcome and serve you, proposing the best possible solution for your vision needs at the most affordable price of the market. You will navigate through our stores according to the Simple Sales Process, a simple, innovative and unique worldwide service process and personalized consulting for vision problems, which will help you discover every possible solution to your vision problem, while at the same time you will be welcomed in an environment where everything is clear, simple and without complicated medical terminology.


In addition, at GrandOptical you can acquire insurance for your glasses, to cover serious damage or breakage, with the Grand ’Advantage Card, and get peace of mind for 2 whole years, enjoying unique privileges at unique prices!

Each complete vision package (frame and lenses) is accompanied by specific written commitments and guarantees from GrandOptical:

GrandOptical Υψηλή Ποιότητα. Προσιτές Τιμές. Άψογη Εξυπηρέτηση.

Our international experience and our intention to innovate are now at your disposal Exclusively at GrandOptical. A visit to the nearest store will convince you!