Human Resources

Human Resources

The Human Resources of GrandVision Hellas SA consists of employees with exemplary training, expertise and specialization.

All employees of our company:

  • embrace our shared vision
  • are committed to achieving our common mission
  • act in alignment with our professional values
  • always work with ethics and impeccable professionalism

Our people are at the heart of what we do, the empower our growth and are our most valuable asset. After all, the nature of our activity - the care of vision - is inextricably linked to the Human factor! The human-customer factor is clearly defined in our Vision, Mission and Values and is highlighted in our Corporate Culture and strategic goals.

Employee care and human resource management policies are linked to the concepts of continuous training and development, encouragement and support of initiatives and open communication, to create a quality work environment that respects, values, supports and empowers each employee.

It is therefore according to these principles that we at GrandVision Hellas manage our people:

  • We provide equal opportunities to employees
  • We reject discriminations based on gender, age, ethnicity, origin, sexual orientation, beliefs or physical abilities
  • We facilitate communication and freedom of expression
  • We encourage taking initiatives
  • We take care of Hygiene and Safety