How to properly put on contact lenses

How to properly put on contact lenses

Putting on contact lenses may seem difficult, but let's help you with it! Together with our article and video tutorial, we'll show you that it's an easy process.
Putting on daily or reusable contact lenses may be easier than you think. All it takes is a little practice.


Ready? So let's go!

Before inserting any lenses into the eye, it is important to first consult an optometrist for the correct fit of the correct contact lenses.
The first step when putting on contact lenses is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap to prevent dirt, grease, and germs from getting onto your contact lenses or in your eyes.
Then rinse and dry them with a paper or lint-free towel. Otherwise, the lint from the towel may get into the lens, making it difficult to wear.

If you have a different power in one eye and another and are wearing reusable contact lenses, then it's a good idea to get into the habit of removing your contact lenses in the same order each night. Most people start with the dominant hand. So, if you are right-handed, start with your right eye and if you are left-handed start with your left eye.

Gently remove the lens from the case and place it on your palm. Apply a few drops of the contact lens solution to the removed lens and gently rub it with your ring finger in a circular motion. Thanks to this, you will clean its surface. 
Then turn the lens and repeat the action. This way, both sides of the lens will be cleaned. 
Before inserting your contact lens, check for tears, wrinkles, or bits of dirt. To do this, simply hold the lens against the light.
It is also important to check that the contact lens is not inside out. Failure to insert the lens properly can irritate the eye as it is poorly fitted and tends to move frequently. The correct shape of the lens can be compared to a bowl with straight edges. If the edges widen, the lens is inside out. But don't worry, all you have to do is turn it right side up. If it is too difficult to distinguish the edges of the lens, there is another way. Holding the lens on your hand, slightly close your hand, if the lens tries to lift up, it is in the correct position.
After making sure that the lens is clean and the right way round, you can place it on the index finger of your dominant hand. Be careful not to scratch the lens with your fingernail as this may damage it.

With your dominant hand, hold the lower eyelid with the middle finger. Then, with the other hand, carefully pull up the upper eyelid. Using your index finger, place the contact lens evenly over the eye. Some people add a drop of contact lens solution to the lens for added comfort. This is not a mandatory step, but if it makes you feel more comfortable when putting on your lenses, then go ahead.

Try to look up when inserting your contact lens. Then close your eye briefly and blink a few times to align the lens in the correct place. 
Then repeat for the other eye. If you drop your lens while trying to insert it, make sure it is properly cleaned before reusing it. If you wear makeup, it is better to put on your lenses first and then apply makeup.

Putting on colored contact lenses.
If you want to put on colored contact lenses, follow the same procedure as for putting on disposable or reusable contact lenses. With the right fit, the contact lens should stay in place all day. If you are not completely comfortable wearing your lenses, make an appointment with your optometrist to discuss your options.

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